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Easy Power

Easy Power provides the engineering rationale behind every calculation with automatically generated reports that immediately verify compliance and list all design and parameter, protection settings PPE requirements and more.

Conceptualize Quickly with User-Friendly Template

• Create one-lines in a few simple clicks
• Pre-designed templates  simplify and speed up one-line  creation.
• Create one-line
• Get fast , easy access to multiple one -lines and all sub drawing and documents
• Effortless tap into the most comprehesive library of manufacturers ' equiptment

Design Accurately with Automated Coordination and Design

• Series coordinated breakers are selected automatically
• Easily set up design templates to match your in-house standards and local code regulations.
• Get a comprehensive bill of materials - including detailed cost-with no extra work

Analyze Easily with Calculations Done for You 

• Automatically validates ANSI and IEC standards on your design or existing facility.
• Advance IEEE 1584 arc flash hazard calculations are quickly done for you.
• Leading-edge technology provide the fastest, most accurate solutions.
• Dynamically interact with one-line in any analysis.
• Use the world's first and only automated PDC program to set devices with one click.

Output Effortlessly with Integrated Reports and Documents

• Avoid hours of extra CAD work by creating multiple drawing document sets (one-lines, MCC, panel and switchgear schedules or combinations) in mere seconds.
• With just a few clicks, output multiple drawings to any CAD program for a full electrical document set. or click the Print button for full WYSIWYG printing.
• Schedules linked to Excel and CAD for automatic updating.
• Concept, design and analysis output integrates with Excel and Word for painless sharing and report production.

Why EasyPower is Your Best Choice for Power System Software?

Ease of Use - An intuitive, user-friendly interface translates to the shortest learning curve, faster completion of tasks, and increased productivity. What does the “easy” in EasyPower mean to you? Consultants realize increased job throughput and profits because of ease of use and integrated Smart features. Plant/facility engineers and maintenance personnel get fast, hassle-free, critical access to arc flash answers, labels, and work permits without extensive training. Everyone—not just a specially trained operator—can keep the plant safe. Safety managers, even if unfamiliar with one-lines, can easily find NFPA 70E-compliant work permits, plant safety procedures, and equipment instruction manuals. A simple click on the one-line gives ready access to all the documentation in one place. With easy and recognizable functions common to all Windows programs, EasyPower makes power system analysis intuitive, not specialized.
Productivity, Efficiency and Speed - All power system programs are not equal. Clients with multiple programs continually tell us that EasyPower's interface and ease of use allow them to perform a power system study up to three times faster  than other programs. Consider the following example: A medium-sized industrial or commercial facility requires a complete power system study including short circuit, protective device coordination and arc flash hazard study.
Study EasyPower Others
Hours to perform listed study 135 400
Total Cost @ $150/hour $20,250 $60,000
Savings $39,750 $0.00
With the new EasyPower options, one-touch automation shaves hours, days-weeks even-off power system design and protective device coordination. You won't know what to do with all your time once you start using SmartDesign™ and SmartPDC™.